SplashFit™️ is a pool fitness class. It consists of a sequence of simple movements repeated to the rhythm of music. Performing easy-to-repeat movements and maintaining continuous activity allows burning about 700 calories during the entire 45-minute workout. The training is made interesting by the variety of movements maintained continuously to the rhythm of well-chosen music.

Aqua classes aren’t just fun and splashing in water. It’s a very good workout with many benefits. A SplashFit™️ session will show you how to maximize your workout.


The “3H SplashFit 💦 Aqua Idea” behind includes and links three parties– fitness instructors, fitness members, and fitness clubs.
The idea includes three simple goals:

  1. Help as many instructors as possible to professionally deliver aqua classes in this bespoke SplashFit💦 aqua style.
  2. Help fitness members get the most from aqua classes they attend.
  3. Help fitness clubs keep the aqua timetable fully booked with the best aqua instructors.

Working in this way each party mentioned above can be 100% sure of getting the best results for themselves.

The success of any Fitness Club depends on people – professional instructors and fitness members happy with the quality service and classes delivered by the fitness coaches. From the instructor’s point of view, the most important should be to have a good number of happy people in the classes. It can be the best indicator for the club to pay more and offer more work opportunities.

We can help you in achieving this.

Book your SplashFit💦 Aqua Instructor course

If you are interested in becoming a SplashFit💦 Aqua Instructor or considering implementing our new SplashFit💦 aqua in your club, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your individual needs in more depth.