Our TravelFit connects fitness, and physical activity with relaxation and fun, as well as giving you opportunities to socialise with new people.

Together we visit great places, and warm and interesting travel destinations while at the same time building friendships, connections and contacts with people you share interests with, in other words, our TravelFit community.

Anyone who chooses to go with us on these trips can decide what kind of classes from our program and timetable they wish to attend. There is no you must do, rather you Can do it. The greatest benefit for anyone who goes with us on these trips is an overall good time in the great company of nice, friendly people, who share similar interests to you. All done in some sunshine and with a bit of activity such as running, aqua fitness, yoga, Pilates or Zumba.

With this, there is always enough time to visit the most important local places, and tourist destinations, as well as to try local food and plenty of opportunities to chat and laugh with the others.

Come enjoy the scenery! Run along the beach, stretch in the sun, indulge in aqua fitness in the pool, and be a part of the TravelFit community, we’ll see you there!